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Any time,any event,tables for rent!

Tables rental service for any kide of event

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Once we planned to make a backyard party,we thought about how many tables and chairs we will need ,and when we set them up it looked ugly because each of the chairs were different. We didn`t  want to buy from store because it's lots of money and we only need just a few times a year! 
So my husband Thomas, had an idea to make picnic tables from wood.
It was too big for storing when we did not need,so he made them in pieces so later on we can set them up when we need ,much easier store & fit smaller space!

We think this is a good idea to give a picnic table rental service for people who are planing to make any event!
No headaches about the seats & tables ,
we will fix your problems!

Basic Info & Service              Charge

We Have 90 Picnic tables available for rent.
Each table are 6 seater .

Table Details;
Dimension; 80x 52.
Each Piece Of Wood are Polished!
Each Piece of Table are Hand Crafted!
Each Piece of Wood are Stained & Warnished By Hand! 

* The Tables are $50 /Each /Day  *
If more than one day the rental period than we give Discount!
Delivery Charge $60 & UP ,
Deppending How many tables ,For how long period & where we have to deliver !